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We just want to make sure before you come in to visit us that you fully understand  all of our policies, so we can focus on the most important thing - you!

"Caring and wonderful -

the  words I use to describe

Dr. Wyman!"

– Maya Johnson

Most insurance plans pay 50-60% of dental care, so you should know what your plan covers. You can always call your insurance and get specifics on your plan. Once the hurdle of insurance is cleared, we can focus on getting you the beautiful smile you deserve!

No insurance pays 100%

To get your care planned and implemented, we only need a few pieces of information from you. We also need to make sure that you know how insurance works. In the following forms, we ask for your General Patient Information, including insurance and let you know about our policies.

What we need from you

We file insurance as a courtesy for you, but we can't be sure they will cover everything we think they will. We will charge you after 30 days of non-payment.

We file insurance for you as a courtesy

Some Important Forms

Click here to download Our Office Policy Regarding Dental Insurance, Page 1 

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